The Colour of Magic

Blue sky, blue sky, what secrets do you hold? Watching fools and sages from lofty heights untold!
– from “Wizardry Throughout the Ages”

Here in Magusville we have always been Green. That’s right, Green with a capital “G.” We wizards view ourselves as protectors of the earth, trying to undo some of the environmental damage done by some thoughtless human beings. Of course, having magic as an unlimited supply of clean natural energy certainly helps a lot. Is your garden overrun with weeds? Is your home teeming with vermin, or stuffed full of unwanted junk? Just call an earth wizard, she’ll have you tidied up in no time. Certainly, it may cost you a few drops of bat’s blood, five fingernail clippings and your firstborn child, but a wizard will get the job done right.

We also know when to leave well enough alone. We don’t mess with our enchanted forests, for example. Who knows what damage the venerable old trees would do to us if we dared to harm them? We’d have trees protesting in the streets, their roots pulling up the roads and blocking the thoroughfare. Sure, we have spellbooks that use paper, but that’s by a tree’s choice. Becoming a book is an honour reserved for the very oldest, most gnarled trees in the forest. Trees that have a story to tell. Old greybeards with tendrils of ancient moss that have more magic in one of their roots than in all the famous wizards throughout history. We love and revere our trees. We wouldn’t last long if we didn’t.


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