Dragons of Change

Today I am fighting dragons of Change. These dragons are everywhere! Snorting, snarling, breathing in smoke, breathing out fire… “Stay calm inside … remember your secret strength! It’s okay, it’s okay…”
Such is my mantra today. My spirit is low, but I am still on the winning side. I have fought many such dragons and have won. These will be no different. Whenever there is a change in my life, I am thrown off balance for a while. I have chosen a few different weapons that have worked in the past. Prayer, perseverance…these are always weapons of choice for any type of dragon. For dragons of Change, I usually mix a particularly strong elixir of quietness (for reflection on which way to turn and to garner up strength) and activity. I hit the gym again today. Keeping physically strong helps me also keep mentally strong.
A dragon of Fear hit me with a surprise attack around lunchtime. These are particularly sneaky dragons which very often hang out with dragon’s of Change. This is one that screeches, “What if? What if?…” Then, whatever it suggests becomes a poison that infects my brain. I can imagine all kinds of scary things happening. If it is a physical illness that is suggested, I begin to experience symptoms of illness. Today, it was one of these, and to combat it, I confronted it squarely. I called the dragon by its name, which is always a powerful weapon, and it slithered away, hissing its complaint at having been found out.

— From the Journal of Meghan Forrester: “Meghan’s Dragons” by T. M. Wallace (unpublished manuscript)


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