I have three daughters. One is a fairy princess, the second is a wizard, the third is just ten months old, so we really don’t know quite who she is yet. It always amazes me how different people can be, even if they share the same house. Or castle, as the case may be. My fairy princess enjoys her own company, quietly and efficiently ruling her share of the kingdom. She dances around the castle gardens with grace and has tea with the forest animals and the sprites. Sometimes she is so quiet in her dealings that you don’t even notice her moving gracefully in the shadows among the fairy-folk.

My little wizlet is quite different. She is all light and no shadows. She is a small explosion of sound and sights. She whirls and whizzes around the castle, a small explosion of energy. Sometimes, when she is not casting spells about her, the river of energy reverts inward. Quiet but alert, she reflects this about her like the quiet pulse of sunshine.