Under Duress

Writing is sometimes like going to the dentist. It has to be done, it will make you feel better, but its process is painful. Today writing is made particularly painful for me by the fact that I have a wicked witch planning to poison me and two dwarves ready to axe down my front door. You see, the criminal element in Magusville has discovered that I am writing this little blog and intend to do something about it. As a wizard of the the Wizerly clan I have been sworn to secrecy about our secret wizard society (though, luckily, I have never had to take the Severe Oath – a curse that would cause me death or worse for divulging clan secrets.) I am one of a number of many wizard radicals who would befriend mankind, protect them not only from evil wizards but also from themselves. However, it would seem that the ruling Superior Magus does not, unfortunately, share our views. Excuse me, I think I hear- yes, it seems that my life will be spared for one more day. The ogre next door just helped himself to a little free lunch. I really must invite him over to tea – its wonderful having an ogre for a neighbor…well, thank the Great One that he’s on Our side, anyway.

Have yourselves a magical day, friends.